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Student Tools

Student Tools is a collection of course features that may be useful for various types of learning activities. Tools include: Forums, Glossary, Site-map, Links, Polls, TILE Repository Search, Tests & Surveys, My Tracker, Export Content, Chat, Directory, Inbox, and Packages. Instructors can decide where these tools will be accessed from - the Main Navigation, and/or Course Home.

Main Navigation
In the default Atutor theme, the Main Navigation appears as tabs below the title of the course. Student Tools specified to appear here will each have their own tab. Note that other themes may choose to display the Main Navigation differently.
Course Home
Course Home is the first page viewed when a student enters a course. Student Tools that are selected to appear on the Home page will be displayed with an icon and a label above the course announcements.

If neither Main Navigation or Course Home options are selected, then that Student Tool be "turned off", or not accessible to students. An instructor might choose to turn on Student Tools as they are needed, for example turning on the Tests & Surveys tool when a test is available, or turning on the Chat when an online meeting is going to take place.

Using the arrows in the Order column will change the ordering of the student tool as it appears in the Main Navigation and on the Course Home page.

It is also possible to install the Student Tools Module, and use it as a place to locate links to the various ATutor tools, leaving the course home page as a splash screen, or as a place to display course announcments.

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