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The Accessibility tab performs an analysis of the content for accessibility problems. Recommendations are given and you are given the option to implement or reverse corrections.

After opening the Accessibility tab, review the report, and notice the number of known and potential problems

Correct the known problems by reviewing the report, then returning to the Content tab to modify the HTML. Return to the Accessibility tab again when the known problems are corrected to see a Conditional Pass. Select from the choices available in the potential problems listed, then press Make Decisions to update the report. When all known problems are corrected, and decisions have been made on all potential problems, a Full Pass will be displayed, after which you can be sure the content will be accessible to all your students.

Content Editor Accessiblity

The Content Editor includes a number of added features to help make it accessible to assistive technology users, The accesskeys listed below allow navigation through the editor by keyboard. In addition to the Accessibility tab, the visual editor includes its own accessibility checker, as well as prompts while authoring, that prevent making accessibility mistakes.

Content Editor AccessKeys

Visual Editor AccessKeys

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