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Master Student List

If the System Preferences Authenticate Against A Master Student List option is enabled, this page will allow an administrator to manage that list. If enabled, only new registrations that validate against the master list will be successful. The master list is flexible and can be used to validate any two fields, one of which is publicly viewable to Administrators, while the other is hidden. A common use of this feature would be to authenticate students using a previously assigned Student ID & Birth Date combination. Two extra fields will appear on the Registration screen when master list authentication is enabled.

Subsequently, when a student registers for an ATutor account on the system, he/she must provide this authenticating information (such as their student ID and Birth Date). Once an account is authenticated and created, the user will then be associated with the appropriate entry in the Master Student List. If Require Email Confirmation Upon Registration is enabled in System Preferences, the user must confirm his/her account using that email before the account is activated.

Viewing the Master Student List shows Student ID-Username pairs. Student IDs in the Master Student List that are not associated with any student account are considered to not have been created.

Importing Student IDs

Importing Student IDs into the Master Student List requires a specifically formatted file. This file can be uploaded under the "Upload List" heading.

The master list must be imported from a plain text file, where each row in the file contains two fields seperated by a single comma. The first field will be used as the Student ID. The second field will be the PIN or Password which will be encrypted by the ATutor system, once the list is uploaded, so that it cannot be viewed and read by anyone. Those two fields together will be used to authenticate students when creating new accounts. The fields may optionally be enclosed by double quotes. Such a file is known as a CSV file and can be generated manually using a text editor, or by any spreadsheet application (such as MS Excel).

In the example below, a student number and a birth date are used to construct a master list:

"12345", "10/07/54"
"12346", "23/04/76"
"12347", "30/05/68"
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