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ATutor can be displayed in many different languages! Through the Langauge Manager completed languages packs can be selected and imported directly from the website.

Managing Existing Languages

Installed languages can be edited, deleted or exported as an ATutor language pack for redistribution. When exporting a language, a download prompt will appear asking to download a zip file of the language pack.

Editing the language properties allows you to change the following:

Note that the default language (as specified in the System Preferences Default Language) cannot be disabled or deleted unless another language has been installed.

Importing Languages

Language packs can be imported either manually by retreiving the package and then importing it into ATutor, or automatically by having ATutor connect to the language repository directly.

To manually import a new language pack:

  1. Visit to download one of the available language packs for your version.
  2. Use the Browse... button to find the downloaded language pack.
  3. Use the Import button to import the language.

If your ATutor installation is connected to the Internet and can contact the website, then it will try to retrieve the list remotely. To automatically import a new language pack from within ATutor:

  1. Select the language you want to import from the drop down.
  2. Use the Import button to import the selected language.

If your installation cannot retrieve the language list from, a message indicating so will be presented rather than a drop down list. In this case you will have to use the manual method described above.

Translating ATutor

Administrators have the ability to customize an installation's language. In order to translate a language,

  1. Set the AT_DEVEL_TRANSLATE constant in /include/ to '1'
  2. Set the session language to the language you wish to translate by using the language selector at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Use the Translate button to pop up a translation window.

You can contribute to the ATutor community by exporting a language pack from your ATutor installation, and attaching it to a message in the Translation Forum. Also see the Translator Documentation for further details about translating ATutor.

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